Archive | October, 2014

Building Kindy Confidence, One Brownie at a Time

So our brownies recently went for an adventure together with a kindergarten teacher. She leads a class of young children who need extra help with their English–and how wonderful these children, to learn English using brownies! As they are a little weak in their conversational skills, the idea was to let them sell something so […]

Blog = Brownie Log?! =P

Well, a Brownie Log was what we did for Christmas many years ago… Anyway, hello again! Today, we are going to introduce some interesting and important stuff about the P.Osh Blog. There are a million things to talk and write about, but time only for about 1 post a week. So, we’ve got to pick […]

We’re P.Osh like that.

Welcome to the P.Osh blog! Here is where you get to hear from us–news, upcoming promotions, interesting stuff, and… something you would love. (come back soon to find out!) We will post weekly–or more often–so do visit whenever possible! What you can expect from us in this blog is the same honest-to-goodness quality that we […]