P.Osh Chewy Brownie

You won’t believe how incredibly chewy and squidgy this brownie is until you try it. So, try it and die without regrets. An addiction not for the faint-hearted. 3.30/brownie

Black Jack
Black Jack (dark chocolate)

He’s perfect and yours. Lucky you. 3.90/brownie

Chill E. Choc
Qi Lee (warm, spicy chocolate)

She’s hot and she knows it. Though she does not care to let anyone know, it is difficult to hide those dangerous curves. 3.70/brownie

Chuck Peter (peanut butter and dark chocolate)

Stripes never go out of fashion. He’s a trendsetter with a thing for stripes and earthen colours. Pretty boy with pretty taste. 3.60/brownie

Coco Berrie
Coco Berrie (strawberries, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate)

One glance from her leaves you mesmerised. Is it her deep-black hair, her sheer brown skin, or her ravishing red dress? It’s her strawberry lips. 3.80/brownie

Coffey (coffee caramel)

He starts the day early and never stops. Driven and dashing, his intensity is infectious. 3.70/brownie

Em Ann M.
Emily Ann (M&M’S)

They call her the modern day Pied Piper. Children flock to her and cannot bear to leave. She’s colourful and pretty, and it’s simply fantastical to see her following of children. 3.70/brownie

Jelly Phebe (peanut butter & jelly)

Guys never know what she’s thinking. Sometimes she’s smooth, and sometimes she bites. Oh, to know a woman’s mind! 3.50/brownie

Kara Mellisa
Kara Mellisa (caramel and sea salt)

She can’t resist the sun, sand, and sea. A magical combination. 4.00/brownie

Marsh Mel (toasted marshmallows)

No one knew the life of every party would be so soft inside. 3.60/brownie

Millie (milk cream)

Her complexion is the envy of the town. Fair and flawless; unmistakably, a classic beauty. Stare on. 3.50/brownie

Mint E. Choc
Mint Coco (mint mousse and dark chocolate)

His dark past couldn’t hide his fresh start. A beautiful person, with an inspirational story. 4.00/brownie

Om Nom Nom
Om Nom Nom (oreo, milo, and nutella)

She makes chocolate addicts seem like babies. Too much isn’t enough. 3.90/brownie

Trip Earle C.
Tripp Earle (dark, milk, and white chocolate)

Thrice desired. No surprise, he is everybody’s favourite. 3.80/brownie

Wal Nutt B.
Wally Nutt (triple chocolate on walnuts)

He’s nutty at first, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find much more. 3.90/brownie

White Kerr (curls on white chocolate)

Peaceful in white, with curls to die for. She’s got it all. 3.80/brownie

Black Class
P.Osh Customised Brownie (say it with a brownie!)

Choose from our designs! Priced according to size.