How long can P.Osh products be kept; what is the best way to reheat/prepare them for serving?

Though we recommend consuming our products as fresh as possible, we would also like to offer some advice if you are going to store them for awhile. In addition to the details below, it is always advisable to place our products in airtight containers before storage; paper boxes can be cling wrapped to make them airtight.

- P.Osh Chewy Brownies (On its own, with toppings, and customised.) keep fresh for 3 days at room temperature, or 2 weeks in the freezer. To reheat Chewy Brownie, bring to room temperature before microwaving a single portion on “Low” for 20 seconds. Please consume within 10 minutes of reheating.

- P.Osh Premium Brownies keep fresh for 1 month in the fridge if bought cold from our shops. Please do not attempt to keep Premium Brownie that has been served to you hot. To reheat Premium Brownie, bring immediately from fridge and microwave a single portion on “Medium” for 1 minute. Please consume within 10 minutes of reheating.

- P.Osh Cheese Cakes keep fresh for 1 week in the freezer. When serving, bring from freezer and leave at room temperature for 10 minutes so that its texture is at its best: almost like ice-cream (firm but “bite-able”). Our Cheese Cake Quarters come in special packaging and they keep fresh for 3 weeks if unopened and placed in a freezer within 2 hours of handover at our shops. All these being said, our Cheese Cakes are all baked–meaning they have survived in an oven at close to 200 degrees Celsius. So don’t worry, they will never melt down into liquid. However, do place them back into the freezer when you reach home as that is the best way to enjoy it when your Cheese Cake craving comes!

- P.Osh Nibbles keep fresh for 1 week at room temperature, and up to 2 weeks if placed in an airtight container. They are ready-to-eat whenever you are ready to eat.

How do I order a Customised Brownie?

You may place your pre-order at any of our shops at least one day in advance of your collection date. When ordering at our shops, you will be able to discuss your design and preferred flavours with one of our Brownie Stylists, who will assist you along the way. Our Brownie Stylist will incorporate your preferences into an overall design that will be visually stunning, while making sure that its taste will be worthy of the P.Osh brand. We require a minimum deposit of 50% for such pre-orders.

You may also pre-order ready designs through our website at least two days in advance of your collection date. An example of the minimum lead time we require is as follows: An order for collection on Wednesday must be placed and paid in full by Monday. Ready designs can be partially customised through various options made available during the ordering process.

If you are unable to place order using the above methods, you may always call, SMS, or email us to do so. To confirm your order, same day payment via Internet Banking or ATM Transfer is strictly compulsory.

When all else fails, we can still help you by reserving the uncut brownie size that you need for your Customised Brownie. However, in such cases, we will need to wait for your arrival and full payment before we can start on any customising work. But don’t worry, it won’t be long; our Brownie Stylists will surely do their best to make sure your Customised Brownie is worth the wait!

How much does a Customised Brownie cost?

While a Customised Brownie is an entire uncut brownie, its price depends on the number of standard portions it is equivalent to. A standard portion is slightly less than 2 by 3 inches (name card size). A Customised Brownie equivalent to 1 to 5 portions, costs $5.00 per portion, and a Customised Brownie equivalent to 6 portions and above, costs $4.50 per portion. For example, a 2 portion Customised Brownie will cost $10.00 ($5.00 x 2), and a 10 portion Customised Brownie will cost $45.00 ($4.50 x 10).

Are your products Halal?

Yes, P.Osh is officially Halal-certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS). For more information, please reach out to us at shop@posh.sg.

How can I join P.Osh as a Brownie Stylist?

We conduct interviews from time to time; email us at hr@posh.sg and we will contact you shortly to arrange for an interview. Don’t worry about paper qualifications–what we need are humble, honest, and hardworking people!

We are doing a fundraising project for a charitable cause/a school project, is P.Osh able to support us in this?

Absolutely! Since our early years, we have been supplying our brownies and cookies at close-to-cost prices to be used as “vehicles” for fundraising. Riding on the P.Osh brand can be pretty worthwhile for your worthy cause! Email us at good@posh.sg to find out more!

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