Be good.

P.Osh stands for authenticity and thinking for our customers’ good. We are obsessed with the charm and romance of traditional baking techniques. We do it as slow as it needs to be, or with as much care as there needs to be. No short-cuts, no quick-fixes, no magic potions. We are stubborn artists and creators of great desserts—done the right way.

Our ingredient lists can be understood by children, because there is no room for 20-letter-long chemicals in their little bodies. Real food is good for you; you’d understand that one day. Natural and premium ingredients make great food; it’s simple, and we fully exploit that. We use good old sugar, because your body can use it. We are naturally sweet; thanks for the compliment.

Walk into our shops, and you’d know that we look as good as we taste. No, that isn’t good enough; we look as good as we taste and feel. It’s not over the top; we’re just being true to ourselves. Looks aren’t everything, but, why not, when you already have everything else.

There’s only one thing we serve at our shops—goodness, packed in many different ways. So, indulge in what you want; we’ll take care of what you need. Don’t be surprised to know: We’ve been thinking about you, long before you knew about us.