Investment & Franchising

Grow with us.
P.Osh is a business that is here to grow and provide good for years to come. Many believe in this cause, and have pushed us along in various ways over the years. Our growing customer base, who have been fiercely loyal for more than 10 years now, is the first and foremost factor that has provided us with the impetus for our steady and persistent growth over the years. Second, there are those who want a bit more of the action, and have committed both time and effort towards actually working on this project–our staff. Our success is greatly owed to the many exceptional labourers who have built P.Osh little by little, each step of the way. Without a doubt, each person’s work builds on another’s; and it is indeed a privilege to be forever a part of P.Osh in this way.

The last important factor in our growth would be money. It enables us to move faster, explore with less inhibitions, and dream big even when it isn’t night (yes, daydream–but no, we don’t sleep on the job…). If you believe in P.Osh, and would like to join in with private investment in order to be a part of something bigger in the future, we would be glad to hear from you. Please email with a self-introduction and a short description of how you would like to be a part of P.Osh; we will reply you in due course.


Take us places.
P.Osh offers franchise opportunities that are profitable, professional, and progressive. The business model is “complex” and “broad-based”, with retail concepts that are easily franchisable. “Complex”, because we have three main specialty products that are both diverse and complementing, with each product having its own range of sub-products, providing rich retail choices of great depth and breadth. “Broad-based”, because our operations includes business streams that are beyond the retail concept. Other streams that are well developed in our business concept include e-commerce, corporate gifts, business-to-business, and events. Being “broad-based” means less risky dependence on retail shops, and the building of stable and sustainable revenue streams that will ensure success in the future. Our current operations in Singapore is a successful functioning model of how this entire business concept will run anywhere in the world.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion and explore this franchising opportunity! Please email with a self-introduction and a short description of how P.Osh would work in your country; we will reply you in due course.