We are super, super, pumped to finally introduce our very own loyalty programme! But at the same time, we are somewhat sheepish… because we are kinda LATE! Honestly, countless fans have been imploring us for a discount/loyalty/rewards/just-gimme-something card for the past few years. Oops. That’s long… But enough moping already, we have heard you, and here we are now!

    Because our ardent supporters have waited this long, we can only hope to make it better by offering unbelievable  rewards for our hardcore P.Osh fans. The P.Osh loyalty card is something mind-blowingly good. You would almost need to read the details twice to ensure you aren’t dreaming. But anyway, there are just two simple main points, which we will briefly explain:

    1. One FREE brownie per day for the validity period.
    Yes, come every day, and get a free brownie Every. Single. Day. Premium Brownie, Chewy Brownie, or any Chewy Brownie with standard toppings. Don’t bother to whip out your calculator (but you are going to anyway, heh); it’s gonna be oh-so-worth-it. Especially for that “lifetime” one. Real P.Osh fans will likely dive in for that “lifetime” membership, and we know brownie monsters will go crazy, especially when there’s a cap of only 200 of those memberships. =) Oh yes, you can also buy someone a lifetime’s supply of brownies for their birthday–if it makes them happy!

    2. Storewide 20% off retail prices, no minimum spend requirement.
    Customised brownies, brownies with toppings for events, cheese cakes, cookies, milkshakes, food, everything but the kitchen sink (and the cash register!) for a cool 20% off regular prices. We aren’t joking, and we know that you Customised Brownies birthday cake lovers and frozen cheese cake fanatics are simply gonna love this. If you have been buying our stuff for years, start saving money right now!

    The programme is called “The P.Osh Society”, and members will be issued a digital card that can be conveniently “carried” around in their smartphones. Since the card is non-transferable, a form of identification will be needed whenever the digital card is used.

    These are the two membership options with special introductory prices till 31 October 2015:
    2-year membership for $88.00 (limited to 500 memberships)
    Lifetime membership for $200.00 (limited to 200 memberships)

    Hurry, don’t wait, especially when you’ve already waited this long! =)

    Click HERE to purchase a membership; whilst stocks last!

    Click HERE to view complete Terms and Conditions.

    The P.Osh SocietyThe P.Osh SocietyDigital Membership Card