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  • Honest-to-goodness Prawn Mee in Kallang!

    Prawn Mee in Kallang!

    The first thing that caught our eye was the Mandarin sign in thick, bright-red strokes that said “BIG PRAWN MEE” (or “noodles”, if you have a problem with mee–haha…). Well, if you can’t miss the sign, you better not miss the food. We ordered “Dry” because we would be getting the “Soup” separately anyway, and so kill two birds with a stone.

    Prawn Mee in Kallang!

    When we were asked to pay $2.50, we thought the auntie had made a mistake! A bunch of thick yellow noodles, 2 prawns, fish cake slices, and lean pork slices and crispy fat PLUS a bowl of refillable soup… this was already working out even before tucking in. Soup was tried first–oh, the soup… It was dark brown, thick, and brothy; meaty flavour from the pork and sweet natural essence from the prawns. Apparently the soup is that good because it is prepared from some original traditional recipe.

    Prawn Mee in Kallang!

    Next up was the bowl of “Dry” noodles. Tossing it up with their blend of sauces and stuffing as many ingredients as we could into every mouthful, it was yummy. The prawns were fresh; everything was fresh–even the crispy fat which was light-golden in colour seemed to be freshly deep-fried. When it all comes together perfectly, you will understand what those large Mandarin words say. =) “Dry” Prawn Noodles = 83 Brownie Points! ($2.50)

    We will definitely be back here! Does what it says; what else could you ask for?


    Simply Noodles
    Block 66, Kallang Bahru
    Singapore 330066
    Tel: +65 9634 1193
    Opening Hours:
    6:30AM to 4:30PM

  • Flamin’ Good Satay in Kallang!

    Wandering in Kallang, we came across this wonderful little Satay shop.

    Flamin' Good Satay!

    “Est since 1974”–anything older than you, you had better take seriously. =) So we paused for a closer look… and asked the Malay auntie, “What is Satay Kahwin ah?” She started to crane her neck trying to peek around us, “Ohhh, just now that man buy lah… where ah… where is he ah…” Nevermind–if someone just bought it, we’re not getting left behind; so we ordered Satay Kahwin and of course, a few sticks of different Satay.

    Impression forms such a major part of any food experience, and we must say that this shop has got most of their impressions right.

    Flamin' Good Satay!

    A motherly Malay auntie dressed in her traditional baju kurung, diligently fanning the hot charcoal grill; a beautiful flame that crackles and spits every time fat from the meat drips onto the red-hot coals below; glistening sticks of succulent meat caramelising in the intense heat… It is going to be good, is it not?

    Flamin' Good Satay!

    The Satay did not disappoint. Hot from the grill no more than 5 metres from where we were sitting, the tender savoury grilled meat did justice to everything else we had seen. We also noted that the meat on each stick felt full and substantial, unlike some Satays that have more bamboo than meat. Mixed Satay = 79 Brownie Points! ($0.50 per stick)

    The finale was, of course, the Satay Kahwin.

    Flamin' Good Satay!

    Kahwin in Malay means “to get married”. Well, in food, it would have to mean “fusion”, where different things are put together. This was four sticks of Satay, Ketupat, Onions, and Cucumbers tossed together into a dish, and topped generously with Keropok and Peanut Sauce. This is simply brilliant–but do forgive us if we are the last few people who realised this wheel was invented–because the variety of tastes and textures makes this a joy to eat. Better still, as the Keropok soaks up the Peanut Sauce, their tastes combine while a new texture develops… Genius. =)

    Flamin' Good Satay!

    All mixed up, for a better look at Genius. Satay Kahwin = 83 Brownie Points! ($2.50) The Singaporean in us couldn’t help but realise that since there were four sticks of Satay in this, everything else cost $0.50–mindblown.

    This Satay shop sells great Satay; what else could you ask for?


    Warung HJ Morsode
    Block 69 Geylang Bahru
    Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre
    Singapore 330069
    Tel: +65 9829 7073
    Opening Hours:
    12:00PM to 6:00PM (Satay available)
    8:00AM to 6:00PM (Mee Soto, Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam, etc.)